Step back (Without Traveling)

Now if you know the beard man, you should be familiar with the man called James Harden. James Harden every time has a series of different moves along with a crossover to either drive or step back.

As you can see sometimes though, Harden seems to take two step backs and no one ever calls it because of the fact that he has done it so many times. So typically with your step back you only want to take a maximum of two steps back.

As soon as you pick up your dribble, take one step with the foot in front and then step back. I mean jab with your front foot then take your two steps back. When you look at it, people do say and think of it as a step back, but it really isn’t. Referees just see it as a way of allowing yourself to step back.

You want to remember and carefully read the last paragraph if you do not want to be called for a travel. You do not want to be called for a travel especially if you make the shot afterwards.


Series of Moves

When you are dribbling up the basketball court, you want to make sure that your eyes are up ahead the basketball court so you can see the floor. You want to make sure that when you are dribbling the ball you are not too predictable with what you are about to do. If you are to predictable you will easily get the ball stolen.

Now typically many coaches want you to use three dribbles or less and shoot your shot. Or if your shot is not there give up the basketball. Now an easy move for getting past your defender could be a crossover through the legs. That is just one but you want to make sure to switch it up every time.

If your last move was a crossover through the legs, then your next should probably be a crossover through the legs and then go behind the back. And after that move you could go through the legs behind the back and spin on whatever side the ball is on.

Those were just a few examples of a series of moves that can be used against a defender and it is important to switch it up every time you come down the floor against a defender.

First Step

Having the first step on your opponent is important if you are trying to blow past them either to shoot, layup, or pass. If you use the first step the correct way then you can almost always be able to blow past your defender.

Now most people think when doing the first step is stepping first before the defense is ready. See now that is slightly correct, but there is definitely more to it than just stepping first than you defender.

When you do the first step you want to make sure that you actually step past. Make sure that this step is past their leg. This gives you an advantage when you need to blow right past them.

Now if you are getting too predictable you can just shoulder or eye movement shake them. Fake right first then fake left and go right in the end is one of my favorites. Staying unpredictable and keeping your moves variety will really help you. Body movement and language is very key to pulling off this move.


A teardrop is a move used in basketball usually used against bigger people. A teardrop is a floater just a really high one and is really a high fingeroll. When using the teardrop you want to make sure to time it.

So the way to set up a teardrop, you should first use your crossovers and try to shift them to get an easy pathway or lane to the basket. Once you have your clear path the teardrop is now you’re lethal weapon.

When you’re doing the teardrop you want to make sure that it is a high one. If you’re teardrop is low, what good is it against a tall defender. You want to make sure to release the ball at the correct power as well as the correct distance.

The teardrop is a move made for more elite guards and is kind of like an upgrade from a floater. If you can seem to get the teardrop down you should practice the floater first as it is very easy to use.


No one likes a ball hog so sometimes giving up the rock is the best thing. Passing can also help you boost your teammates’ confidence. And plus, if you get double teamed, you might not be able to score and will only turnover the ball. No man is an island so passing the rock is almost as good as scoring.

So in order to pass efficiently first you want to look at the enitre floor and come up with a plan. This plan could be calling for a screen so this could help set up an easy pick and roll for you and your teammate to finish at the rim.

Image result for pick and roll

Another scenario that happens is if you look at Mr. Ankle Bully Kyrie Irving you can see that as he drives through the lane he makes the defense collapse. This means he draws attention to the entire floor. When he does this people are forced to help and that leaves people open for an open three or layup.

Image result for kyrie irving passing

Passing can also make you look good around coaches. It shows them that you see the whole floor instead of trying to do everything by yourself. When you see the whole floor and look to pass, you open up a lot of aspects of the game and it only makes you more unguardable.


When us players, constantly use the same move, of course we get very predictable and it becomes much more easier for our defender to read us or know what our next move will be. When you are dribbling to get past a defender variety and different dribble moves are key to getting past them.

One way to keep variety is starting off with a starting move. Lets say for example your starting move should be the through the legs. Lets say your second move after should just be a behind the back. Lets say you get them with that move. Then when you come down again, hit them with the same move and instead of just doing the through the legs, behind the back, switch it up and go behind the back another time.

Image result for kyrie irving through the legs dribble

Things like this, just keeping variety is good for when you don’t want want to expose the ball and become too predictable. I understand if there is a signature or “the” move type where you like to do but those moves should only be used from time to time.

In conclusion, keeping variety is good at keeping you unguardable.  Even if just a little movement could mean where you need to just make the extra dribble to get past the defender that is what must be done in order to achieve your goal. Compare this to chess, and always remember to stay  one step ahead of your opponent.

Pull Up Jumper

Sometimes we aren’t able to get through the lane to get easy layups. Maybe becuase of help defense or just a great defender in front of you. That is why creating space for the pull up jumper is key and important.

One of the greatest times when you are forced to use the jumper is if the defender in front of you is taller. Hit them with a quick stepback, pullback, or drive than go through the legs to create space. Knocking down the jumper and making plays happen when people are not open is very key to winning a basketball game.

Image result for pull back dribble kyrie irving

Knocking down open jumpers are also key. If you are not used to pulling up you should because being a one dimensional player and always driving is never good. You should be able to knock down your jumpers with good accuracy.

Image result for ingles shooting 3 pointer

Lay ups are always more high percentage than a jumper but some times a jumper just might be the only way to put the ball in the hole. Having a good jump shot could force teams to even pressure you, making your big man the only open guy.