Mind Games

In this next blog I will teach you about how to intimidate your opponent and get in their head so you can make them scared. Making them scared allows you to read them and it also gets them too become more nervous and unsure. When dribbling the ball you want to make sure that you are dribbling it confidently so then the opponent knows that you know what you’re doing and that you have something in the bag. Almost as if you’re telling him “you are not ready for this”.

The first step is when you are in warm ups try to get close too them but do it very subtle and unleash your basketball skills. Only show them the appetizer and don’t bring out the full course meal yet. Just do some practice dribbles but make sure not to be very repeating. If you do this the people will be able to read you and not be scared. After that, give them not really a mug or a dirty look but just a “i’m ready look.” That should do the trick and then remember everything that I taught you and use that on the basketball floor.


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The next thing you want to do is in a way do is learn how to talk trash. But you must remember, never be the one to start it. Be humble, put your pride to the side. Only talk unless they are talking so much and they can’t even back it up. Unless they are good and then they talk trash you can’t really talk trash back because the person is good. However trash talking is not bad, it is just a competitive spirit and to me I don’t do it just to be rude or mean. I do it to get in their head. Making the opponent mad causes them to not think carefully or do things without thinking making them regret it in the end.

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As you can see in the picture Kobe is talking trash. And based off of Kevin Garnett’s face you can tell he is getting mad and infuriated. This makes him feel that he has something to prove. And when he does prove that he can then talk trash back. However, if he doesn’t succeed in proving Kobe wrong that will just make him more mad and cause him to lose what his role is on the floor and might just make him a ball hog. That will then sit him down and not get him anymore minutes. That means it is a win win for Kobe.

In conclusion, using mind games and showing the opposing team your dribble moves and giving them the look “you are not ready” will scare them. On the other only trash talk and back it up. Tell them what you are about to do and then make it happen. That is the only way to gain respect, by talking trash and then by backing it up. Make sure to play good defense on the guy and make sure he doesn’t score so then you can take him out of the game. That is all from Dr Ankle Bully for today.


Next Steps to Being an Ankle Bully

Now that you have done all the necessary footwork and you feel as if you are pretty fast at making that first step and stopping on a dime you can now learn the dribble moves to better enhance your step to being an ankle bully.

The first dribble move to learn is a quick pull back. With this pull back your feet should be able to stop on a dime quickly and this should have your defender flying. This move must be practiced for at least 30 minutes especially if you want it to be a signature move. This is a great move for someone who is guarding you super aggressively and falls for every single one of your moves. Feed them this move and trust me they will be flying into space. The pull back can be any type of dribble move you would like such as a regular pull back, behind the back, or through the legs.

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The next thing to learn is not a dribble move but a type of movement to intimidate your opponent. You must scare the opponent in order to make him fall for everything. When you scare him, it makes him feel more wanting to not guard you and if he does be aggressive and hold up. This then makes people want to not guard you. This intimidation type of thing will make people more scared of guarding you.

The last dribble move I will teach you today is now know as “The Iverson Cross”. This was made by Allen Iverson one of the best dribblers the NBA has ever seen. He was one of the few people to ever cross Michael Jordan aka the best basketball player to ever live. This  move consists of mostly footwork and just reading the defenders movements and predicting what they are predicting you will do. Being always 2 steps ahead of your opponent is good because it helps you predict the way they will guard you.

The way to do it is to dribble one way, slide your feet that way like you will drive that  way. The footwork should be very precise almost as if you will actually drive that way. Then, as soon as you see the defender shift their body movement to the way you were baiting immediately crossover the ball the other way. Make this move slow to fast. Soft to explosive. Explosiveness aggressiveness is the most key thing to this move. You can either pull back after doing the Iverson cross or you can cross it back the other.

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In conclusion, keep practicing the foot work and dribble moves. These in the end will continue to help you as long as you keep doing them. Practice makes perfect and with practice you can be that ankle bully that you wish you were. You don’t have to watch Youtube videos every single week about the shifty people when you can become one yourself. Keep Practicing and you can be an ankle bully.

Introduction to Being an Ankle Bully

Thanks for learning how to be an ankle bully.

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In this blog you will be learning how to get better at getting past your defender. Your motivation can be whatever but I promise you that you will be able to at least be able to improve your skills.

In order to first break your defenders ankle and start your process to be an ankle bully is to first work on your footwork. Your footwork is the most important thing when you are trying to blow past your defender. You have to do leg exercises such as squats.


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This improves leg movement especially when you are trying to stop so suddenly. This sudden movement usually helps basketball player have a defender flying because they aren’t sure when to stop especially when so much momentum is shifting their body at a high speed. Doing lunges or squat type movements may hurt in your thighs, but over time it really helps professional and average basketball players with getting better at being an ankle bully.

The next exercise to being an ankle bully is to do first step exercises. These help you blow by your defender. First you should get resistant bands and practice doing a first step your fastest. It should hurt around your thighs. After doing this, you should be pretty fast at blowing by your defender with the first step. This helps you get a fast start while the lunge helps you stop on a dime.

The last exercise to help you get faster is to chop your feet. Many people don’t understand this so let me explain. It is sort of running in place expect your in a defensive stance. Such as arms out and butt down. This is a squat type position but don’t lean your back forward. Your back will hurt tomorrow. This is for defense and offense. This just makes your feet more explosive and faster. It also helps the feet used to coming off that one feet with the hard and fast first step. After mastering this and perfecting your first step I will then show the dribble moves.

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Although there are many more exercises for your legs to make you explosive these in my experience are the most significant because they are not hard to do. The only thing hard about it if you think about it is that you have to put most of your effort and time to actually get better. Lastly, you just have to practice.