Grip on Shoes

Yes,we all do know that shoes are very important when it comes to basketball. If you do not have the correct shoes on the basketball shoes you will slip and slide while you are on the court. I will be explaining why some shoes and in some situations, basketball shoes may be difference when blowing past your defender to make a play.

When trying to execute a crossover. You will see that as you do that, you might slip or your crossover might not be fast enough. Being an ankle bully is almost always about stopping on a dime. Stopping on a dime can create space. When you crossover you can see that one of your foots stay planted. This shows that if that shoe does not have grip, you are most likely to fall.

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One of the great shoe brands for good basketball shoes you can mainly buy is from Nike or Under Armour such as Curry, Kyrie, or even Lebron. Those are just a few but you have a very big selection. Just remember the best shoes help you achieve the best crossover.

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I know that on this blog I would only talk about being an ankle bully. I have also learned that defense is as well. Defense sets up offense and when you play defense you can steal the ball or cause a fast break. That is why I will teach defense.

When you are doing defense you have to know who you are guarding. Knowing who you are guarding is important. You know what they love to do and what they don’t. That is why you can try to cut off all their good skills and can sway them to do the things they aren’t comfortable.

I know many people when playing defense like to swipe down when trying to get a steal, but instead swipe up. Swiping down does have more momentum but it is a risk and a gamble. You have to make sure that you only touch the ball or else you will be called on the foul.

These are great tips for defense and are helpful.

Dribbling Too Much

When you dribble the ball, you want to make sure that your head is up. When your head is up you can see the entire floor. However, a common mistake made by many people is the fact that they dribble too much.

Yes, being an ankle bully does require dribbling. However you want to just be able to blow past defenders especially if you can. If you dribble too much you just run the clock and give defenders some more time to block your shot. Sometimes blowing by or just taking 3 dribbles or more is ideal.

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The only real time to dribble a lot is when you are stuck in the backcourt and are being double teamed. Dribbling is then necessary. If you are just playing in the streets, dribbling too much is fine. Just don’t make it a habit.

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Trash Talking

As you know, trash talking is very normal in the game of basketball. Many do it to get inside the other person’s head and make them more mad. Also, when you get inside someone’s head it causes them to make terrible mistakes on both offense and defense. Today, I will be teaching you how to trash talk the right way.

When you trash talk, first off, you need to back it up. If you can’t back up your trash talk you cannot talk. And if you do trash talk but have nothing to show for it, you will not make the defender scared. You have to be good both on defense and offense.

On offense when you trash talk, you basically just wanna say what you are going to do on offense and make it happen. That is one way to get inside the opponents head because they don’t really know if you will do it or not. Another way to get inside or trash talk without saying a word is mugging the person or giving them a bad look. Lets say you make and one point, if you stare the person up and down that shows them that they’re not good enough to guard you. However, the main foundation of trash talking is also letting your game speak for itself.

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On defense, the way you trash talk is telling the person you will lock or “clamp” them up. Doing this allows them to know that even though they pull out their best move in the bag, nothing will be able to get past you. You will see that you have defended all the players’ move when they get too predictable. When they get predictable it makes trash talking more easier for you to do. You also wan to say that the person cannot shoot or dribble just the main stuff to irritate them. This may cause them to get mad and do something irrational that either gets them a technical foul, or makes them ejected.

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You want to keep in mind that before you trash talk, you are not the one to start it. You want to make your game speak for itself, and in some cases, that is the best way to trash talk. However, if you do find yourself in a place where you do trash talk, make sure to not go overboard. Making sure that you can also back up your trash talk is very important. If you learn to not trash talk that is also good, it just shows a sign or maturity which is great and is what coaches like to see.

Double Team

As you can see when a team knows that a player has a lot of confidence while shooting a basketball or dribbling it you will see that they will come swarming immediately with a double team. A double team indicates that they do not want the person on or off the ball to make a play on defense. However some teams forget help defense and today I will be analyzing the correct way to double team.

When you are using a double team you have to be very confident you will pick up a steal. In order to first set up the double team you want to first make the ball handler pick up his dribble. Or in some way you want to stop it. More pressure increases the chances of the defense getting the ball. So when you get the ball handler to stop the dribble immediately put you arms up and keep trying to steal the ball. However if you can’t manage to stop the ball at least manage to steal the ball, when you steal the ball it ensures 80 percent of the time a fastbreak.

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Now, lets say the people that are doing the double team do not get the job done. This is when you will the three people that were not double teaming have to play inside the paint. You want to be able to rotate back and forth until the people that were double teaming can recover. Until they recover you will have to guard in the paint. You would rather have a team score from the outside then the inside which is a much easier bucket for them to score.

In conclusion, double teaming is a risk and just in case the people that are double teaming don’t get the guy, the other three have to know how to play the situation. Keep up the hard work and keep practicing.


Switching is essential when trying to be an ankle bully and getting easy points. When you have someone that is fast and tall. However when you have a big man on you you should take advantage of it and use your ankle bully skills. Because big men are most likely to be slow and don’t know how to defend fast people with many handles just like you.

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So when you have a good guy who has great defense and can clamp you up you should call for a screen to blow past him or to try and break his ankles to get a better shot or get a 3 off. Big men are really slow and you should be able to cross them and unleash your ankle bully skills.

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Even if you have a big man on you it does not mean that you shouldn’t pass it to the big guy that also has the mismatch on him. That in most situations is the best case because it is closer to the basket and easier for the big man to score over the smaller defender.

The only time you should hesitate to pass the ball to the big man is when they bring help defense. However this only allows one more pass to be instilled.

The Pump Fake

Many things some young players forget to do (including myself) is use the pump fake. The pump fake if you don’t know what it is is when you act like you are going to shoot but instead you are bringing the ball back down and then dribbling or shooting again after the defender blows by you. The pump fake is used by many professionals and there are situations in which it is necessary.

The first situation where the pump fake is necessary is when the defender plays over aggressive. When a defender plays over aggressive you use the pump fake because often when a defender is trying to clamp you up he often follows what you are doing making it easy for you to switch it up on him. So when you are driving hard, jump stop, and pump fake. From here you have two options, bump into him while he jumps, or let him jump into you and get the foul. Either way, they are both win-win situations.

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The next time you should use a pump fake is when you are getting too predictable. So when you are predictable many people know when you are about to shoot. Adding in the pump fake just basically makes people guess more making them not know when they are going to shoot. Especially when they jump, when they jump you can usually blow by them and set your man up and have the defense collapse.

In conclusion, the pump fake is used by many players but some players get blocked because of the fact that they do not even use the pump fake. The pump fake is great for over aggressive defenders such as people like Draymond Green. Keep working hard and work on all of your basketball skills.