Beating BackCourt Press defense

When you are beating a back court press defense  you want to make sure not to be too selfish when you are doing that. If you think that the way to get out of a back court press is for the point guard to dribble out you are wrong.

The way too actually get out of a back court press is to have at least 3 people down at halfcourt or near the point guard. The point guard when getting the ball should get at least the ball near the halfcourt but if he is near the in bound than he is fine.

When people do back court press they are basically gambling. If you get the ball past half court, all you need is two passes and it should be a layup, open three, or knockdown mid range.

Image result for back court defense

Dribbling out is never good as you can get trapped and there might never be someone near you to help you out. So you wanto make sure to share the ball and not be selfish so you don’t get trapped.



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