In N Out Dribble

The In n Out dribble is one of my favorites when starting off a sequence of quick,short, and fast dribble moves. The in n out is a very quick move that is explosive and pretty self explanatory in its name.

The way to do the in n out is actually picturing you moving your hand in n out. When you do the in n out you want to make sure you are coming with full speed and intensity so that your defender won’t be able to guess which way you will be going.

If you have read my other blog posts you will know that I like emphasize body movement a lot. It is not so much the dribble that gets or shifts people in the open court it is actually the body movement.

So when doing the in n out dribble you want to make sure that you step into the direction you are going in and then switch to the other direction to shift them. This is supposed to be a quick move and does not need any setup.

I would just say the best setup to making the move effective is coming down the court, using it as a move when you are already down the court will work but won’t be as effective as coming down the court.

This is just a quick and simple dribble move to get your defender leaning and very easy and could be a go to or quick setup dribble for all of your other dribble moves.


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