Backdoor Cut and Give and Go

So if you do not know this move, you will finally be happy because you know a way to get easy points. The move “backdoor cuts” are what we call where I live “easyyyyyy buckets”.

The backdoor cut is a pretty easy move but does require timing and anticipation. When doing the backdoor cut you want to make sure that your defender is not really paying attention. This is why moving with the ball is very important in completing the backdoor cut.

The backdoor could also be a give and go. Usually when you give up or pass the ball your defender thinks that you are done with getting the ball. However, you can catch them slipping and cut backdoor which can get you easy points.

Another way to do the backdoor cut can be just a quick fake cut one way and a real fast cut the other. This way you can get in front of your defender and easily get to the cup without having to use much effort.

Another easy move to get easy points in a game. Sure, basketball dribble moves may look flashy and nice, but getting real buckets and putting the basketball in the bucket is the real goal. You can dribble all you want but it won’t score the ball. That’s why easy and fundamental shots and the easiest for easy buckets.


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