No one likes a ball hog so sometimes giving up the rock is the best thing. Passing can also help you boost your teammates’ confidence. And plus, if you get double teamed, you might not be able to score and will only turnover the ball. No man is an island so passing the rock is almost as good as scoring.

So in order to pass efficiently first you want to look at the enitre floor and come up with a plan. This plan could be calling for a screen so this could help set up an easy pick and roll for you and your teammate to finish at the rim.

Image result for pick and roll

Another scenario that happens is if you look at Mr. Ankle Bully Kyrie Irving you can see that as he drives through the lane he makes the defense collapse. This means he draws attention to the entire floor. When he does this people are forced to help and that leaves people open for an open three or layup.

Image result for kyrie irving passing

Passing can also make you look good around coaches. It shows them that you see the whole floor instead of trying to do everything by yourself. When you see the whole floor and look to pass, you open up a lot of aspects of the game and it only makes you more unguardable.


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