When us players, constantly use the same move, of course we get very predictable and it becomes much more easier for our defender to read us or know what our next move will be. When you are dribbling to get past a defender variety and different dribble moves are key to getting past them.

One way to keep variety is starting off with a starting move. Lets say for example your starting move should be the through the legs. Lets say your second move after should just be a behind the back. Lets say you get them with that move. Then when you come down again, hit them with the same move and instead of just doing the through the legs, behind the back, switch it up and go behind the back another time.

Image result for kyrie irving through the legs dribble

Things like this, just keeping variety is good for when you don’t want want to expose the ball and become too predictable. I understand if there is a signature or “the” move type where you like to do but those moves should only be used from time to time.

In conclusion, keeping variety is good at keeping you unguardable.  Even if just a little movement could mean where you need to just make the extra dribble to get past the defender that is what must be done in order to achieve your goal. Compare this to chess, and always remember to stay  one step ahead of your opponent.


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