Grip on Shoes

Yes,we all do know that shoes are very important when it comes to basketball. If you do not have the correct shoes on the basketball shoes you will slip and slide while you are on the court. I will be explaining why some shoes and in some situations, basketball shoes may be difference when blowing past your defender to make a play.

When trying to execute a crossover. You will see that as you do that, you might slip or your crossover might not be fast enough. Being an ankle bully is almost always about stopping on a dime. Stopping on a dime can create space. When you crossover you can see that one of your foots stay planted. This shows that if that shoe does not have grip, you are most likely to fall.

Image result for crossover basketball

One of the great shoe brands for good basketball shoes you can mainly buy is from Nike or Under Armour such as Curry, Kyrie, or even Lebron. Those are just a few but you have a very big selection. Just remember the best shoes help you achieve the best crossover.

Image result for lebron shoes



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