I know that on this blog I would only talk about being an ankle bully. I have also learned that defense is as well. Defense sets up offense and when you play defense you can steal the ball or cause a fast break. That is why I will teach defense.

When you are doing defense you have to know who you are guarding. Knowing who you are guarding is important. You know what they love to do and what they don’t. That is why you can try to cut off all their good skills and can sway them to do the things they aren’t comfortable.

I know many people when playing defense like to swipe down when trying to get a steal, but instead swipe up. Swiping down does have more momentum but it is a risk and a gamble. You have to make sure that you only touch the ball or else you will be called on the foul.

These are great tips for defense and are helpful.


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